Three Encouraging Events

>> Monday, January 30, 2012

Yesterday I visited with some of our new members at Orchard. It was a blast to connect with these people and hear about their spiritual journeys. It reminded me again that every life is a journey. Watching these tables of new members share their faith and their journeys was a great encouragement to me!

One week ago on Saturday, I had a second encouraging event. Approximately 120 of our Orchard leaders gathered for a day to Focus Upon Our Future! We began the retreat with 17 tables of these leaders sharing pictures of God at work in their lives and in our ministries. Wow. That was powerful. I walked through the tables and did some eaves dropping on the sharing. It was a powerfully encouraging day to hear all of these stories.

On that afternoon our Orchard Leadership Team met for a couple of hours. Again, we shared what God was doing in our lives and what was changing in each of our lives. I am so encouraged by the people who sit on our Leadership Team.

So, I'm very encouraged these days. I hope that those in our congregation are also able to hear the stories and see God at work!


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