Beyond our walls!

>> Monday, October 29, 2012

So much of our ministry is beyond our walls.  We work heavily in the following communities:
Gorongosa, Mozambique,
Pignon, Haiti
Walnut Neighborhood in Waterloo
Grundy County
and within the Cedar Valley where we have our Cedar Falls campus.

As I looked at this picture of our Cedar Falls campus taken from a hot air balloon this past weekend, I was reminded of several things:

1.  What we do inside the walls of this 59,000 square foot building is important.
2.  This facility is a gift of God to be used for His glory
3.  Many people have come to know Jesus on this 20 acre campus
4.  We continue to make this campus available to our community--tomorrow night the CF Cross Country Team will have their sports banquet on our Community Center
5.  This is simply the gathering place for those in our church who are out being "salt and light" 24/7


Have you seen the HUGE MURAL?

>> Friday, October 19, 2012

Youth Art Team paints a huge mural in 12 days!

24 students painted a new mural that covers approimately 1600 square feet on the Plaid Peacock, a highly visible two-story building in downtown Waterloo.

These students met Jessica Young this summer, toured the shop, researched at the Waterloo Public Library and sketched out their ideas.  After Plaid Peacock approved the team's mural proposal, students picked up paint brushes, scaled ladders and scaffolding, and painted their largest mural yet.

Team members' ages range from five to 18.  While the effort required help from more than 20 adult volunteers, only students were allowed to draw and paint, guaranteeing they would claim the finished piece as their own piece of art.

The Youth Art Team believes that as God transforms lives, he transforms the spaces in which we live.  Check out the new mural, visible from Highway 218 between Waterloo's RiverLoop Public Market and under-construction Cedar Valley SportsPlex.

"I am sure they don't realize how their artwork affects so many other people," said Jessica Young.  "I think it is something the kids should know--how what they do has an effect on so many people!"

Every time I drive by and see the mural, a smile breaks out on my face.  I love how that 1600 sqaure foot mural brings light to our community.  I love that the students did every part of it including the research and planning.  I'm so proud of these young people!

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