Big House and CHAOS have great starts!

>> Thursday, September 6, 2012

Passing the baton of faith to Next Generations is a huge core value at Orchard Hill Church.  This value of reaching next generations with the message of Christ has been a core value since the very earliest days of Orchard beginning in the basement of the founding pastor's home.

This calling on Orchard to reach Next Generations has been affirmed in so many ways.  Many of us on staff have been Student Ministry Directors and we continue to have a heart for the development of faith in the hearts and minds of young people.  The list of those who have been full-time staff reaching out to next generations includes:  Ed Baker, Dave Bartlett, Tim Boettger, Pat Oehler, Doug Tensen, Kris Hoskinson, Laura Hoy, and Jesse Henkle.  Add to that list our current Student and Children's Ministry Staff and Orchard has much passion to unleash for reaching the Next Generation.

God is doing amazing things this fall with Student Ministry for Junior and Senior High students in Grundy Center.  Mike Brost and Stef Rohler leading junior and senior high outreaches.  They have had a powerful start.  Both Big House and CHAOS on the Cedar Falls campus is also having powerful

Our outreach to high school people which is currently called Big House has a 27 year history.  Take a look at this video which was used at the first meeting of Big House to inform students of the history of this event.

Link to see the video

I'm so grateful to be a part of a local congregation that has reacjomg Next Generations as such a core value.


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